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My name is Jenna Beach and I have been in the public relations/marketing/social media industry for 7 years. The field of marketing is intriguing and each day brings a set of unique challenges. Whether those challenges are successes or obstacles, I enjoy the learning experience that it provides as well as the endless opportunities for growth, improvement, and advancement. I am a self-driven individual who requires little to no direction in establishing responsibilities for myself. I take great pride in my work and all the details that are involved in the process. I love learning from others, but I also enjoy teaching others new things. My goal as a PR and Marketing professional is to ensure I exceed expectations, maintain a positive attitude, continuously improve myself and don't settle for mediocre results.

Storytelling in commercials: A look at nonliteral branding videos

Originally posted on Once Upon a Time:
Brands use storytelling to engage and connect on an emotional level with audiences.  The following three commercials are analyzed with regard to its emotional appeal of consumers’ wants, needs, and desires while also…

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INTEGRATE 2015: Speaker Profile – Rod Brooks

Originally posted on WVU IMC Blog:
To make sure that you have the best experience at INTEGRATE 2015, I will be profiling a few of the speakers as part of a multi-part blog series. Rod Brooks, V.P. & Chief Marketing Officer…

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Email Marketing Is NOT Dead!

With so many unique and innovative ways to communicate with consumers, some brands have questioned whether ‘old-fashioned’ email marketing is still a viable tool to reach audiences effectively. Is email marketing dead? Just ask Google. Research indicates that approximately 191.4 billion emails … Continue reading

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Your Message in Motion: The Power of Video Advertising

We live in a world with constant change and short attention spans thanks to technology, social media, and busy schedules. In fact, while writing this blog post I checked my social media sites, watched a movie, stared off into outer … Continue reading

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What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?

What happens online…stays online! Although your online activity appears to be seemingly private, it is near impossible to achieve total privacy. Every website or digital platform you visit leaves behind a trail (footprint) of data and personal information. Think of … Continue reading

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Increase Your Rank: Using SEO to Optimize Your Website

With most things in life, many of us often strive to be the best we can be, and as the saying goes,“if you’re not first, you’re last.” This mentality is not only practiced by individuals, but the majority of companies often lead … Continue reading

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Generating Buzz With Visual Content Marketing

Just 10 to 15 years ago we would have never imagined that traditional marketing would be old news…just like yesterday’s stale newspaper that’s currently collecting dust on your front doorstep. Today, we’ve catapulted into a digital world where the majority … Continue reading

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