Storytelling in commercials: A look at nonliteral branding videos

Once Upon a Time

commercial wk2 collage

Brands use storytelling to engage and connect on an emotional level with audiences.  The following three commercials are analyzed with regard to its emotional appeal of consumers’ wants, needs, and desires while also informing consumers about the brands’ products or services.

The art of storytelling is a powerful tool to intrigue, engage, and connect emotionally with audiences.  At its core, marketing is storytelling.  In branding, especially in the branding video, marketers are the storytellers and their job is to turn the audience into heroes (Reed College of Media, 2015).  Simplifying a brand comes down to three key words which describes the brand position that “is the guiding principle for the entire marketing effort” (O’Keefe, 2007).  With the regard to the commercials analyzed below, each brand’s story “approaches a brand positioning statement, capturing the ‘what we’re about’ or ‘what we want people to know about us’ in as few words as…

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About Jenna Beach

My name is Jenna Beach and I have been in the public relations/marketing/social media industry for 7 years. The field of marketing is intriguing and each day brings a set of unique challenges. Whether those challenges are successes or obstacles, I enjoy the learning experience that it provides as well as the endless opportunities for growth, improvement, and advancement. I am a self-driven individual who requires little to no direction in establishing responsibilities for myself. I take great pride in my work and all the details that are involved in the process. I love learning from others, but I also enjoy teaching others new things. My goal as a PR and Marketing professional is to ensure I exceed expectations, maintain a positive attitude, continuously improve myself and don't settle for mediocre results.
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