Your Message in Motion: The Power of Video Advertising

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We live in a world with constant change and short attention spans thanks to technology, social media, and busy schedules. In fact, while writing this blog post I checked my social media sites, watched a movie, stared off into outer space, read some emails, and checked social media again. I know I’m not alone in my behavior pattern; you’ve probably done the same thing day in and day out. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. In 2000, the average attention span of the modern consumer was 12 seconds, and now in 2014 it’s down to a mere 8 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. How’s that for comparison? Needless to say, it is beyond imperative that you’re able to communicate quickly with your audience.

With leading video marketing platforms including YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and Vimeo, marketers can leverage short video advertisements to help generate leads, engage customers, and humanize their message(s) to appeal to a larger audience. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but well-produced and creative videos can be worth a lot of dollars. *Cha-Ching*

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Which Platform Is Right For Your Brand?

Every brand and its messaging are vastly different so it really depends on which video-sharing platform fits your goals and budget. To help you weed through the process, here is a breakdown of each platform.



  • Video length is a standard maximum of 15-minutes; but you can extend to unlimited. However, you don’t want to go over three minutes for video advertising
  • Helps boost SEO. Read more about increasing your brand’s SEO efforts
  • Large, massive audience of potential consumers who are looking at your brand
  • No charge to use the video app



  • 10-second limit
  • Like Instagram, Snapchat videos cannot created from a desktop computer
  • Ability to create unique offers (discounts, specials, promos) for VIP consumer
  • No charge to use the video app


  •  Like YouTube, the length of your Vimeo video can be as long as you would like, but you don’t want to go over three minutes for video advertising
  • Although affordable, brands must pay to host videos that promote products/services
  • No advertisements are played on your Vimeo video (bonus!)




About Jenna Beach

My name is Jenna Beach and I have been in the public relations/marketing/social media industry for 7 years. The field of marketing is intriguing and each day brings a set of unique challenges. Whether those challenges are successes or obstacles, I enjoy the learning experience that it provides as well as the endless opportunities for growth, improvement, and advancement. I am a self-driven individual who requires little to no direction in establishing responsibilities for myself. I take great pride in my work and all the details that are involved in the process. I love learning from others, but I also enjoy teaching others new things. My goal as a PR and Marketing professional is to ensure I exceed expectations, maintain a positive attitude, continuously improve myself and don't settle for mediocre results.
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3 Responses to Your Message in Motion: The Power of Video Advertising

  1. Great post! There are so many different platforms available today for marketers to take advantage of and connect with their audience. One that I find intriguing is Snapchat. When the app was first introduced, it received a pretty interesting reputation. I had no interest in downloading it until I heard how Taco Bell and some other companies were using it to interact with its audience. Now I look forward to seeing the creative snaps these companies come up with. The Carolina Hurricanes hockey team also uses Snapchat to provide fans with behind the scenes shots and videos. It’s always interesting to see what the players are doing before a game and gets fans excited to see the game. The Hurricanes also use it show replays and highlights from the game to keep those who aren’t at the game updated. It’s a great way to stay on top of consumers’ minds and encourage them to continuously interact with the company.

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  2. Jenna, What an informative post, thanks!


  3. juliancavazos says:

    Of all the types of content that appeals to our senses, I find video to be the most powerful medium for storytelling. There’s something powerful about hearing their voices and seeing their facial expressions, and couple that with showing footage of their physical environment that makes it so compelling to watch. It’s one thing to read words and imagine that in our heads, or to see powerful pictures. But nothing compares to video!

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